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Show me a larger image of: "A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals" A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals
Jarvis Finger
$24.99   Add a copy of "A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals" to your order

In A Cavalcade of Queensland’s Crimes and Criminals, for every year following the colony’s separation from New South Wales – from 1859 to 1920, Jarvis Finger has recounted Queensland’s most notable crimes. Six decades of murder, robbery, theft, bushranging, assault, stabbing, rape, riot, kidnapping, fraud, arson, conspiracy, forgery, cattle duffing…
Some of the perpetrators would never be brought to justice. Many of the offenders would serve long periods in prison. Others would receive the ultimate penalty – death by hanging. Stroll through the colony’s early years, through its dark side, through this cavalcade of Queensland’s crimes and criminals. Here’s your chance to encounter Queensland’s most notorious scoundrels, scallywags and psychopaths of yesteryear.

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