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Show me a larger image of: "A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals" A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals
Jarvis Finger
$24.99   Add a copy of "A Cavalcade of Queenslands Crimes and Criminals" to your order

In A Cavalcade of Queensland’s Crimes and Criminals, for every year following the colony’s separation from New South Wales – from 1859 to 1920, Jarvis Finger has recounted Queensland’s most notable crimes. Six decades of murder, robbery, theft, bushranging, assault, stabbing, rape, riot, kidnapping, fraud, arson, conspiracy, forgery, cattle duffing…

Some of the perpetrators would never be brought to justice. Many of the offenders would serve long periods in prison. Others would receive the ultimate penalty – death by hanging. Stroll through the colony’s early years, through its dark side, through this cavalcade of Queensland’s crimes and criminals. Here’s your chance to encounter Queensland’s most notorious scoundrels, scallywags and psychopaths of yesteryear.

1859 - The slaughter of three St Helena fishermen Unsolved, Murder.
1860 – They didn’t need the hangman Troopers Gulliver, Toby and Alma, Murder.
1860 - The ex-convict killer Thomas Woods, Murder.
1861 – That tell-tale bump Georgie, Rape.
1862 - Three for the gallows Tommy, Murder, Kipper Billy and Billy Horton, Murder.
1863 - Death on a sheep station Michael Turley, Murder.
1864 – Murder most cowardly on the Darling Downs Alexander Ritchie, Murder.
1864 - When Fagan’s gang ran wild Peter Fagan, Daniel Webster, Thomas Howson, Robbery under arms.
1865 – The Wild Scotchman James Macpherson, Mail robbery under arms.
1866 - Man overboard! William Domane, Manslaughter.
1866 – The Frenchman, bushranger Henry Hunter, Mail robbery under arms.
1866 - Assault on the high seas William Griffiths, Assault.
1866 - The Crocodile Creek Chinese riots John Stone, Daniel Galvin, Abraham Soloman, John O’Sullivan, Riot, unlawful assembly and affray.
1867 - The Ipswich Mail hold-up William Jenkins, Mail robbery under arms.
1867 – The Clermont gold escort killings Thomas Griffin, Murder.
1868 – The Imbil incident William Troden, Joseph Blake, Robbery under arms.
1868 – The avenging public servant Frank Bowerman, Assault with intent to murder.
1869 - The lure of Halligan’s gold George Palmer, Alexander Archibald, John Williams, Murder.
1870 – The hunt for Herrlich, the Hun James Herrlich, Murder.
1871 – The murder of Simon Zieman Patrick Collins, Murder.
1872 – The pure white bull Henry Redford, Cattle duffing.
1873 – The downfall of a young nipper John Ruddy, Larceny.
1874 – The Ipswich riot Ryan, Keogh, Shaw & others, Riotous assembly and assault.
1875 - The stranger who never was Charles Pritchard, Murder.
1876 – The brute from the Belyando Frederick Wheeler, Murder.
1877 – The missing bank notes Victor Townsend, Larceny/ Bank robbery.
1878 - Gory goings-on at Gilbert River Gilbert River aborigines, Murder.
1879 - Caught… down a mineshaft Joseph Mutter, Murder.
1880 – The tree-climbing bank robber Joseph Wells, Robbery and wounding under arms.
1881 – The tell-tale letter Michael Minnis, Manslaughter.
1882 - Murder in the fowl house Margaret Spillane, Murder.
1883 - The Mackay Racecourse riot George Goyner, Assault and battery.
1884 - The South Sea slavers Neil McNeil, Bernard Williams and others Murder and Kidnappin.
1885 – The Muttaburra murder Walter Gordon, Murder.
1886 - A brotherly bullet? Wong Tong, Murder.
1886 – A woman on the gallows Ellen Thompson and John Harrison, Murder.
1887 – The American killer Christopher Pickford, Murder.
1888 - A right royal ruckus over stolen boots Benjamin Kitt, Theft.
1888 – Murder and the Normanton riot Sedin, Murder.
1889 - The strychnine scones Elizabeth Hyde, Murder.
1890 - It’s only a pumpkin I found Maurice Lonergan & Percy Matthews, Theft.
1890 – The law would show no mercy Michael Barry, Murder.
1891 – The Union conspirators William Hamilton and others, Conspiracy.
1892 – Bones in his bed Leonardo Moncardo, Murder.
1892 – Death among the pearl divers George Gleeson, Murder.
1893 - The burning body George Blantern, Murder.
1894 – Death of a swagman Mi Orie and Narasemai, Murder.
1895 - The hallucinating husband Charles Gibson, Attempted murder.
1896 - The Snob Edward Hartigan, Forgery.
1896 - Marie, the mission matron Marie Christensen, Manslaughter.
1897 - Double death at the asylum Tommy Ango, Murder.
1898 – The murder of Warder Dodd William Archer, Murder.
1898 – The Gatton mystery Unsolved, Murder.
1899 – The Wooloongabba murder Unsolved, Murder.
1900 The fake suicide Charles Beckman, Murder.
1900 - The jockey who sought revenge Jack Smith, Attempted murder.
1901 – Bullet in the boardroom David Brown, Murder.
1902 - The railway rascals John Campbell & James Henderson, Fraud and perjury.
1902 - “The very man I wanted to meet” Edgar H.W. Whitehouse, False pretences.
1902 - The last of the bushrangers Patrick Kenniff & James Kenniff, Murder.
1903 - One killing was not enough Sow Too Low, Murder.
1903 - The Longreach Cinderella Florence and Angus Macdonald, Murder.
1904 – The Boonah publican Robert Denner, Manslaughter.
1905 - One crime too many James Warton, Murder.
1905 – Death of a policeman Johannes, Murder.
1906 - Dobbed in by his wife and son August Millewski, Murder.
1906 – The threepenny murder Look Kow, Murder.
1906 - A killing in the kitchen Twadiga, Murder.
1907 - The Townsville railway station robbery Unsolved, Robbery.
1908 - The bungling bank robber Arthur Ross, Murder.
1909 - The Carron River killings Alexander Bradshaw, Murder.
1909 - Bismark, the murdering blacktracker Bismark, Murder.
1910 - Tragedy in a tent William Denton, Murder.
1911 – Butchery on Sarina cane farm George Silva, Murder.
1912 – The Turkey Station mystery Unsolved, Murder/Abduction.
1913 – The last ma to hang in Queensland Ernest Austin, Murder.
1914 – The Mayne timber yard tragedy Henry Hopgood, Murder.
1915 – The Oxley Creek infant murder Ambrose Butwell, Murder.
1916 - Acid attack on the Victoria Bridge Denis Buckmaster, Grievous bodily harm.
1917 – The missionary murderer Burketown Peter, Murder.
1918 - Murder on the breakwater John La Hay, Murder.
1919 - The Red Flag riot 15 protesters, exhibiting a red flag.
1920 – The empty chamber James Comerford, Murder.
Commit the crime, do the time Queensland’s major prisons: The colonial years and beyond From prison records…

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