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History Queensland 2014/15 Subscription Title : History Queensland 2014/15 Subscription
Author : Boolarong Press
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Not For Glory Title : Not For Glory
Author : Susan Neuhaus, Sharon Mascall-Dare
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The Code Title : The Code
Author : Angel Christo
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Outlaws of the Kimberley Underworld Title : Outlaws of the Kimberley Underworld
Author : Geoff Allen
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I Know Who Killed Betty Shanks Title : I Know Who Killed Betty Shanks
Author : Ted Duhs
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Middle-Aged Men in Lycra Title : Middle-Aged Men in Lycra
Author : Ross Davies
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Back from Hell Title : Back from Hell
Author : Laurie Woods
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Queensland's Last ANZAC Title : Queensland's Last ANZAC
Author : Arthur Smout
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2015 Outback Calendar & Envelope Title : 2015 Outback Calendar & Envelope
Author : John Morrison & Boolarong Press
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How to Write What You Want to Say in Primary Years Title : How to Write What You Want to Say in Primary Years
Author : Catherine Black, Patricia Hipwell
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Yoga the New Sexy Title : Yoga the New Sexy
Author : Barbara Griffiths
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Taubada Time Papua New Guinea Title : Taubada Time Papua New Guinea
Author : Noel Tunny
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The Pearl King Title : The Pearl King
Author : Robert Lehane
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Nasho - The National Service Experience 1951-72 Title : Nasho - The National Service Experience 1951-72
Author : Ron Parsons
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Sanity Savers Title : Sanity Savers
Author : Charmaine Statham
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Brisbane: Schemes and Dreams Title : Brisbane: Schemes and Dreams
Author : Jennifer Harrison (editor), Barry Shaw (editor)
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Curlew Enigma Title : Curlew Enigma
Author : Don Douglas
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Tea House in the Lime Trees Title : Tea House in the Lime Trees
Author : Elizabeth Martin
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From Gallipoli with Love Title : From Gallipoli with Love
Author : Neil Doherty
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Journals Title : Journals
Author : Ciak
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The Immigrant Boy Title : The Immigrant Boy
Author : Marion Houldsworth
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Tobruk's Easter Battle 1941 - Revised Edition Title : Tobruk's Easter Battle 1941 - Revised Edition
Author : John Mackenzie-Smith
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All Over the Place Title : All Over the Place
Author : Frances Bowler
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The Woodgate Files Title : The Woodgate Files
Author : Philip Hobbs
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Australia's Worst Aviation Disaster Title : Australia's Worst Aviation Disaster
Author : Robert Cutler
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Legends of the Outback Title : Legends of the Outback
Author : Marie Mahood
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This is what we believe


We believe in ETHics. We believe all businesses and staff should not only act legally, but act honestly and with integrity. It is critical for our business to be profitable so we can pay our staff and suppliers on time every time. This means we will not be cheaper than third world countries, unethical businesses and online businesses that contribute nothing to benefit Australian society.

We believe in books. Yes, you have to be part of the electronic market and we are with ebooks on Amazon, Kobo Books, Apple but the printed book will be around for a long time yet.

We believe in authors. We publishers haven't got a clue what will sell and what won't. We can only give advice on what we know. Many great authors have been rejected only to sell millions later. Our authors, Norah Kersh, John Gilfoyle, Deborah Koreshoff, Yvonne Fraser, Marion Houldsworth, Jack Drake, Rex Ellis - just to name a few - have sold thousands of books. See our list of authors.

We believe in our staff. Many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years. They care about meeting deadlines. They care about quality. The care and share in the success of books. As a result service is a "given".

We believe in book shops. We want to help book shops survive. They add a sense of cultural identity to towns and suburbs. For me they are a place of enlightenment, entertainment, knowledge, laughter and constant change. Unfortunately, Australians have let the Coles and Woolworths get too big. The book shops in many country towns have been priced out of town.

We believe in control. We choose what books to publish. We choose when the books are printed. Our sister company, Watson Ferguson & Co has been printing books since 1868 and shares our office. We distribute our books and ebooks. We market our books. We share the profitability with the author and the book shop.

We believe in Australian businesses and Australian jobs. 99.5% of our suppliers are Australian businesses.

We believe in the environment. Our books are printed on sustainable forest paper. We use biodegradable vegetable inks. Our waste paper in minimised and recycled. Our digital toners are recycled.

We believe in a level playing field. In the book industry Amazon, Google, Apple just to name a few do not pay a fair and equitable level of the Australian tax burden though they achieve very high sales from Australian citizens. It is estimated that Amazon has a substantial share of the Australian printed book market and more than 70% of the Australian ebook market yet employs no Australians, pays no GST and pays no income tax. Apple reportedly sold $6 billion in Australia and paid $36 million in income tax while Myer sold $3 billion and paid $56 million in tax.


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The “How to set up your book in Microsoft Word” is in two halves. The first half of the book is set out for those that have 2007/2010 on their computers. If you turn the book over the back half of the book is set out for those that have 2000/2003 on their computers.
Microsoft® Word is not the best software to set up a book in, but it is the most cost effective way as most people have Word on their computer.

Topics in this book:
• Book Structure
• Book Typesetting Standards
• Book-Size (Page Setup)
• Formatting Text
• Page & Section Breaks
• Headers
• Page Numbers
• Inserting Images
• Advanced
• Shortcuts
• Table of Figures

 This book was written to answer the questions that have been asked of us over thirty years.
Throughout the chapters of this book, we have given some guidelines that will hopefully show people how they can design a book of there own.