What we believe

Boolarong Press was established in 1976 to help authors, particularly those in Queensland and those living in isolated communities, tell their stories. Boolarong has helped over 1000 authors tell their stories through the publishing of over 1300 titles. This is what we believe:

The printed book

A printed book can last over 1000 years (I know I  have seen them). Boolarong does publish ebooks, but only as support for the printed book. How long will digital technology last?

The book shop

Books are a tactile item and consumers want their book now, so we strongly support book shops. Great book shops, as opposed to department stores and online, have passionate staff who love books and are there to help our readers find the best value entertainment you can get. The book shop not only contributes GST, Federal taxes and employs Australians but adds value to our Australian society by supporting local communities and helping to maintain the Australian culture.

Our authors

No authors – no stories – no Boolarong. It is as simple as that. We try our very best to be honest with our authors. We try our best to promote our authors and their stories.

Our staff

Our staff are the backbone to Boolarong Press. They typeset, design, print, bind and distribute. They then market, sell and promote the books to the reader.


Boolarong believes in open and honest communication with our authors, customers, suppliers, staff and readers. Business integrity is paramount to us. We pride ourselves in paying our bills and royalties on time.


We enjoy coming to work each day as no day is the same as the last.